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We Offer a Nourishing Men’s Ministry in Montgomery, AL

Legacy Anglican Church takes very seriously its role in the Legacy community and in the lives of residents in the greater Montgomery area. Our mission is to enable our parishioners to lift up the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ and live in the power he gives us. We offer children’s, women’s, and men’s ministry to Montgomery, AL residents searching for spiritual fulfillment.

Join Our Men’s Ministry and Grow Your Relationship with God

Legacy Anglican Church is proud to offer a men’s ministry called “Men of Legacy,” in which we help our fellow man grow in their relationship with their families, their fellow men, and most importantly, with God. We meet twice a month for breakfast and Bible study. Our hope is that you grow to become a spiritual leader as a Man of Legacy and become a better person. As Pastor Doug McCurry says, “unfortunately, the role of the man has been diminished by societal norms of political correctness and emasculation. The man’s role in the kingdom of God is to be a leader – in the church, in the home, in the work place and in our friendships. The kind of the leader we are meant to be is one that points the way to Christ.”

woman reading scripture

Our Female Parishioners Grow Their Relationship with Christ

Our women’s ministry group strives to nourish our female parishioners’ relationship with God through morning and evening Bible study, a book study, or a prayer group. We are proud to encourage an open and fruitful relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

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We Want Your Children to Feel Like Their Part of the Family

We embrace children as full members of our Church, allowing them to worship alongside their parents and family members and to learn from their wisdom. We believe children with a healthy relationship with God live active lifestyles, so our children’s ministry puts on exhibits, plays, and engages in other season activities.

We’re Actively Involved in Charities Around Montgomery, AL

Legacy Anglican Church is proud to participate in the Friendship Mission, an organization that provides volunteers for local homeless shelters and soup kitchens. To learn more about this and our other problems, stop by or give us a call.

Reach out to Get Involved

Come to Our Sunday Contemporary Worship at 10:00 a.m.