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We Give Back to Our Montgomery, AL Community

We maintain a connection with the Anglican community, updating traditional liturgical worship with contemporary worship music. We hold the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds as our states of faith. As Jesus’ teachings dictate, Legacy Anglican Church believes in giving back. We take part in numerous charitable programs throughout Montgomery, AL. We offer a preschool program for children throughout the community. Our church helps the homeless and poor by feeding them quality, healthy meals. We also run regular donation drives, giving canned goods and clothing to the needy throughout our community. Legacy Anglican Church is about more than worship for yourself. It is about enhancing the lives of others. We are proud to continue Christ’s legacy right here in Montgomery.

close up of church program

We Have a Robust, Christ-Centered Preschool Program

Legacy Anglican Church is proud to have one of the largest church-based preschool in Montgomery, AL. We provide a safe environment for children to receive a Christ-centered, holistic education that focuses on spiritual, intellectual, and physical development. We set out to start this program because we had a set of goals we wanted to accomplish. Our preschool program is perfect for your children because:

two people talking over Bible on church pew
  • Your child’s safety and security are the most important things.
  • We teach speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
  • We teach arithmetic and enhance problem-solving skills.
  • Our instructors encourage creativity, curiosity, and imagination.
  • We promote physical development.
  • Your child will learn to think independently and develop a good self-image.
  • They learn important social skills.
  • They learn to be kind, courteous, caring, and respectful of others.

We’re Actively Involved in Charities Around Montgomery, AL

Legacy Anglican Church is proud to participate in the Friendship Mission, an organization that provides volunteers for local homeless shelters and soup kitchens. To learn more about this and our other problems, stop by or give us a call.

Reach out to Get Involved

Come to Our Sunday Contemporary Worship at 10:00 a.m.